prepared in just a few seconds without an ice cream maker

Homemade ice cream is very tasty. However, the freezing process in the freezer takes a long time and preparing it in the ice cream maker also takes some time.

However, on some hot summer days you don’t want to stand in the kitchen and wait several hours for the ice cream.

If you spontaneously want delicious, refreshing ice cream and don’t want to go to the supermarket or ice cream parlor, we have a great recipe for you here.

Blitzeis – The ice cream is made from frozen fruit and some yogurt and powdered sugar in the mixer.

It only takes a few minutes and tastes delicious and refreshing.

We’ll show you how you can conjure up the perfect lightning ice in just a few minutes.


400 ml milk 3.5% fat

250 ml whipped cream

50g chocolate

50g sugar

1 vanilla pod or vanilla pulp


1. First, heat the milk in a saucepan, add the sugar and dissolve while heating.

2. Add the pulp of the vanilla pod and stir in with a whisk.

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