Fruity Dickmanns slices

Ingredients 5 egg(s) 200 g powdered sugar ⅛ liter water ⅛ liter oil 250 g flour ½ liter juice (strawberry pago – fruit juice with strawberry flavor) 2 packs of pudding powder, vanilla ½ kg raspberries, strained 50 g sugar 1 packet of QimiQ 100 g powder sugar 1 packet of vanilla sugar 2 cups … Read more

Toffifee – Torte

Ingredients: For the sponge cake dough: •100 g hazelnuts (ground) •100 g ladyfingers •3 egg yolks (size M) •25 g wheat flour •3 egg whites (size M) •100 g sugar •1 ​​level teaspoon of baking powder For the filling: •½ heaped tablespoons of cocoa drink powder •2 bags of gelatin fix (per 250 ml liquid) … Read more

Juicy cheesecake with apricots and sprinkles

Ingredients: For the sprinkles: -•1 package. Vanilla sugar -•2 tbsp apple juice -•200g butter, soft -•400g flour -•150g sugar   For the filling: -•120 g sugar -•3 eggs -•1 tbsp semolina -•500 g quark -•2 tbsp lemon juice – •1 pack. Pudding powder, vanilla -•1 can of apricots -•Icing sugar for dusting Preparation: First knead … Read more

Tangerine yogurt cake

Recipe: For the base, mix 100g butter, 100g sugar, 1 pinch of salt, a little lemon zest , 1/2 p. baking powder, 100g flour, 30g cornstarch and 2 eggs. Pour the dough into a 26 springform pan (mine is square today) and bake at 180 degrees O/U for about 18 minutes. Let cool down. Mix … Read more


Ingredients: 200 g biscuits (butter biscuits) 75 g butter 2 packs of jelly, lemon 450 ml orange juice 100 ml water 150 g sugar 450 g sour cream 400 ml cream 1 lemon(s), grated peel and juice 1 pack of cake icing Preparation Cookies in one Crumble the bag with a rolling pin. Knead with … Read more

super DELICIOUS Nutella roll, Yummy, Yummy

Ingredients: 100 g flour 4 eggs 1 tsp baking powder 5 tbsp Nutella 100 g powdered sugar 100 ml oil Preparation: 1. First mix all the ingredients, except the Nutella, thoroughly with a whisk or mixer. 2. Then place the dough on a baking tray lined with baking paper and spread it evenly. At 200° … Read more

apple pudding slices

Ingredients 120 g sugar 3 egg yolks 3 egg whites 60 ml oil 60 ml water 150 g flour, smooth   1/4 point baking powder 2 points vanilla pudding powder 60 g sugar 1/2 liter apple juice, naturally cloudy 3 apples, sour 1/2 liter whipped cream a little cinnamon , for sprinkling Preparation Beat the … Read more

Heaven and Hell Paradise Cake: You’ll understand the unusual name of the cake from the first bite – sour and sweet, extremely juicy and delicious

Ingredients Yellow sponge cake 8 egg yolks 250g butter 240g sugar 6 tablespoons water a few grains salt 1/2 baking powder 280 g plain flour Meringue sponge cake 8 egg whites 320g sugar 1/2 spoon of the density a little salt a spoonful of lemon raspberry cream 500-800g raspberries 1000 ml juice (Orange) 2 vanilla … Read more

banana slices

Ingredients 6 bananas For the dough: 6 eggs 120 g icing sugar 120 g flour 1/2 lemon (organic, peel) For the cream: 125 g butter 150 g sugar Vanilla pudding (made from 500 ml milk without sugar)   For the glaze: 16 tbsp milk 160 g sugar 160 g chocolate 200 g butter Preparation For … Read more