No-bake peach pie


Ingredients base:
200 g cookies (shortbread cookies, Oreo vanilla, etc)
130g butter​

Ingredients for cheese curd cream:
1 can of peach slices
200 ml cream
370 g cream cheese
500 g quark

130 ml peach juice
2 tsp lemon zest
30 g instant gelatin
110g powdered sugar

Ingredients peach mirror:
2 tbsp sugar
1 x clear cake icing
250 ml peach juice


For the base, grind the cookies very finely. The best way to do this is to use a food processor if possible. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a pot on the stove.
As soon as the butter is dissolved, add it to the crushed shortbread cookies and mix everything well with your hand.
It is best to line a springform pan with a diameter of 24cm with baking paper, insert the ring and then pour the biscuit mixture into it and distribute

everything evenly and press the mixture down properly. This is especially important since the peach tart is a pie that is not baked.
While you start with the cheese curd mixture, the base can cool down a bit in the fridge.
To make the filling, place the peach slices in a sieve and let them drain. Then put a few slices to the side for later decoration and cut the remaining slices into small cubes.

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