Square puff pastry baskets: the fantastic and fun treats to prepare

With this recipe you can prepare both savory and sweet treats.

You can also use other fillings for these square puff pastry pockets:

Any other jam flavors or fruit preserves

Chocolate spread (like Nutella) or caramel (like dulce de leche)

Whipped cream

Lemon curdPrepare a savory pastry by filling the dough squares with any of the following combinations:

prosciutto, Pears and Brie

Dried Tomatoes and Cream Cheese

Diced Apples with Gouda

Spinach and Feta

Ham, Cheese, Tomato


Smoked Chicken and Feta

Tuna and Roasted Red Peppers

Turkey Bacon and Broccoli

Pumpkin and Bacon


The dough should be completely thawed so that it is pliable enough to roll out, but still cold. It’s best to let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight rather than leaving it on the kitchen counter at room temperature.

If the dough is too warm, it won’t rise enough. To ensure a beautiful puff pastry, place the formed flowers in the refrigerator for half an hour.

The oven should be hot (around 180-200°C/375-400°F), but not so hot that the dough squares burn. If you find that they are browning too quickly, you can loosely place a sheet of foil on top.

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