Mound of mole with strawberries (no baking)

The well-known dessert mound of mole with strawberries in a no-bake version. The dessert is very quick to prepare because we use ground cookies. The cream is light and delicate with a lot of chocolate inside. The whole is complemented by fresh strawberries in season. A delicious and quick dessert for summer.

It is best to make the cookies for this recipe dark to imitate a mole mound. I used Oreo cookies and cream for the recipe. However, you can replace them with, for example, cocoa biscuits if you don’t like Oreos.

The cream based on cream and mascarpone cheese is light, fluffy and goes well with chocolate. I added bitter chocolate sprinkles inside. However, you can grate the chocolate and add it to the cream, the taste will be similar.

We place whole strawberries on the bottom, which not only refresh the taste of the dessert, but also look beautiful when cut.

No-bake mole mound with strawberries is a great idea for a quick dessert and you don’t need to turn on the oven. Perfect for hot weather.

Mole mound

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