grandmother’s roll recipe from back then, incredibly delicious!

With this recipe for grandmother’s rolls, a classic bread roll recipe, you not only create delicious rolls, but also pass on a piece of history and tradition. Every bite is a trip down memory lane and a celebration of craftsmanship. Bon appetit!

Grossmutters Rollen Rezept von damals, unglaublich lecker! β€οΈπŸ’›




150 g butter
50 ml oil
2 eggs
A pinch of salt

400 ml milk
35 g fresh yeast
80 g sugar
650 g flour
For rolling:

3 packs of cinnamon sugar
50 g butter


Bringing the yeast to life: The journey to grandmother’s rolls begins with the yeast. Crumble them in lukewarm milk and add the sugar. Allow this mixture to rise until it becomes vibrant and foamy.
The dance of the ingredients: In a bowl, flour, melted butter, oil, eggs, a pinch of salt and the risen yeast mixture combine to form a gentle dough. The raisins, which give this pastry a sweet surprise, dance to a perfect melody with the other ingredients.

The magic of cooking: The dough now rests, covered with a delicate dusting of flour, and doubles in volume. It’s a magical moment when the yeast does its work and turns the dough into an airy work of art.

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