Easy no-cook peach charlotte

Peach charlotte, This very fresh dessert ends a family meal in style: crème fraîche, peaches in syrup or fresh in season, and a pretty decoration….I present to you my peach charlotte…

Peach charlotte, recipe for a light and fresh peach tart, a peach dessert very close to a peach tiramisu,

strictly without cooking, perfect at this time when peaches are in season!

It comes together in no time and you will feel how good it is! It’s also very pretty to present!


– 300 g of spoon biscuits
– 5 ripe yellow peaches (mashed)
– 150 g of liquid crème fraîche
– 250 g of cow’s ricotta
– 250 ml of peach juice (nectar)
– 70 g of icing sugar

Preparation :

first, whip the crème fraîche and set aside.

Using an electric mixer, beat the ricotta with the powdered sugar.

Mix the whipped cream by hand with a spoon, using movements from bottom to top to ensure nice smoothness.

The cream is ready. Put it in the refrigerator until the peach tart shell is ready.

Also prepare the peaches.

I used three nectarines for the filling, while I used two for the garnish.

Take the three nectarines for the garnish and roughly chop them. 1 cm then cubes.

If peeling bothers you, you can also peel it before slicing.

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