Dulce de Leche Tiramisu

This dulce de leche tiramisu is mouthwatering. It’s made with mascarpone cheese, dulce de leche, and whipping cream. Ladyfingers, coffee, and the dulce de leche mascarpone cream are dreamy pairing. It’s a must for your dessert recipe book!



For the mascarpone dulce de leche cream:
7 g gelatin powder
50 ml cold water
250 g Mascarpone cheese or cream cheese
250 g Dulce de leche
320 g Whipping cream
1 tbsp Vanilla extract

For assembling:
400 ml strong coffee
40 g Sugar 3 tbsp
40 ml coffee liqueur optional
20-24 ladyfingers
2 tbsp Cocoa powder

For decorating:
100 g Dulce de leche for the cream
50 g Dulce de leche for the piping
200 g Whipping cream
1 tbsp Cocoa powder
¼ bar Chopped dark chocolate


Make the coffee very strong and dissolve the sugar in it. Add the liquor and mix. Let it warm before building the cake.
Mascarpone and dulce de leche cream:
Mix the gelatin and water in a medium-sized bowl (microwave-safe). Let set in the fridge, for approximately 10 minutes.

Whip the cream to soft peaks and set aside in the fridge.
In another bowl, beat the mascarpone with the dulce de leche, and the vanilla extract until combined. Use a stand mixer with a paddle attachment or a handled mixer.

Fold in the whipped cream in two parts slowly with a spatula.
Heat the gelatin in the microwave for 20 seconds. Add 5 seconds at a time if necessary. It should be warm or just hot but should not boil.

Add two large tablespoons of dulce de leche cream to the gelatin. Mix quickly with a hand whisk until combined. Repeat this process two more times.
Fold in the gelatin and cream mixture to the rest of the dulce de leche cream slowly with a spatula.

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