Chocolate salami: An old recipe from the Viennese pastry school

A very tasty and rich cake that the children adore, it is still indispensable at our celebrations and will be at my place because my son loves it very much.


For the chocolate mass

– 150 g of butter (70+80)
– 100 g of powdered sugar
– 1 egg
– 150 g of cooking chocolate 40% cocoa
– 1 tablespoon of rum

Dry ingredients

– 50 g of biscuits with butter (Pettit beure)
– 50 g of roasted walnuts and hazelnuts
– 50 g of green candy
– 100 g of dried or candied fruit

For covering salami

– about 30 g of chocolate powder (cocoa or powdered sugar)


Roast the walnuts and hazelnuts and put them in a cloth while they are still hot, rub them to remove as much of their shells as possible, and when they cool down, cut them into pieces with a knife. If your fruit is too dry, soak it in hot water for about 10 minutes, then drain it well and cut it into small pieces.

From dried fruit, I put raisins, plums, apricots, cranberries, oranges and pomelo (in various combinations), and you put what you like and have. Cut the biscuit with a knife into pieces of 0.5-1 cm and later add to the chocolate mixture with all the crumbs that appear during cutting.

Cut the green candies (I don’t add green ones because some contain menthol) as well as the dried fruit. If you put only green candies, be sure to remove the excess sugar from them with a wet hand, because it may happen that your salami is too sweet, and if you want, you can do it with this mandatory 50 gr.

Put 70 g of softened butter, 100 g of powdered sugar and one egg in a steamer (I don’t have one, so I put a small double-bottomed spoon in the one larger than it, in which water is boiling) and start kneading with a wire whisk that everything is well combined and then as the water starts to boil faster and faster (lasts about 5 minutes).

When the mass begins to thicken and the wire leaves a visible trail behind it that slowly closes, remove the container in which you cooked and insert 150 grams of previously melted chocolate and continue kneading for a few more minutes.

The mass that is being steamed must not boil, and a minute before the end of steaming, the mass temperature is around 80 C, so you have thermally treated the egg sufficiently.

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